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Key Features of BlueDolphin - Corporate LMS

An overview of features that make BlueDolphin a notch above other Corporate Learning Management Systems from WordPress

Training Need Identification

A user-friendly plugin that helps to quickly identify employees that need skill improvement. It helps to build courses, which offer remarkable results when administered and bridge the skill gaps in a company. BlueDolphin allows organizations to identify the training needed through finespun assessment techniques that align skill development with business goals.

Create, Organize & Impart Training

Simplifying the entire training process from creation to delivery, BlueDolphin offers an easy dashboard to plan, create, organize, and assess training sessions with a result-oriented approach. Our intuitive interface ensures that training is both efficient and impactful.


Training Evaluation

Featuring the advanced dashboard, BlueDolphin meticulously assesses each employee's training, which can offer insightful information about their performance and growth. Companies can use this information to periodically track employee progress, zero down areas of development and create custom training to improve their individual and organizational efficiency.

Training Evaluation

Data Analysis for Management

BlueDolphin’s comprehensive data analysis features are specially designed for top management to give them accurate data about the Return on Investment (RoI) of training programs. This factual data offers a meaningful insight on strategizing the overall growth and development of the company. The detailed analytics help to make informed decisions to optimize training strategies and design training plans for future projects.

Data Analysis for Management

Explore BlueDolphin Use Cases:

Use cases that prove the impact, efficacy, and comprehensive behavior of BlueDolphin for different verticals and organizations.

Small Business Owners

  • Integrate BlueDolphin with your WordPress website to analyze which employees need what kind of training to bridge the requirement-skill gap.
  • The plugin offers interactive training sessions that open the doors to an array of learning opportunities for the employees.
  • Business owners can check the metrics of individual employee performance after the training and inform their areas of improvement.
  • BlueDolphin’s Dashboards help the management to track the growth of individual employees as well as the organization in terms of RoI.
Small Business Owners

HR Managers

  • BlueDolphin helps HR managers to simplify complex training procedures, select staff that require specific training, and assign relevant courses to them.
  • Plan and administer custom training courses depending on the needs of the department, team, and company.
  • The assessment insights help HR managers to gauge the improvement of employees, teams. and companies, over a period of time.
  • BlueDolphin offers metrics of performance and growth that help HR managers improve training methods, employee performance, and company goals.
HR Managers

Training Coordinators

  • BlueDolphin saves the time and effort of training coordinators by precisely identifying staff members who need training.
  • It helps the coordinators to plan, design, and execute interactive training programs to ensure maximum staff participation.
  • Training coordinators can assess each employee’s performance through data and uplift them through relevant assistance, intervention, and support.
  • With BlueDolphin’s insights, the coordinators can inform decision-makers about the return on investment on a training or project.
Training Coordinators

Management Executives

  • Managers can check the possibilities and requirements of training their teams. They can identify the team members that need a particular training.
  • Managers can make strategic decisions by evaluating the return on investment and data-specific insights after the training sessions.
  • The data can suggest managers put their bets on particular individuals who drive the work forward and deliver desired results.
  • Impart an environment and culture of learning new skills that fulfill the organization’s goals, enhance employee skills, and increase customer retention.
Management Executives
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BlueDolphin - LMS for corporate training

BlueDolphin offers many advantages for all sizes of companies that are willing to increase their productivity, efficiency, and RoI through corporate training. Primary benefits include:

Advantages for small companies

Budget-friendly training solution

BlueDolphin offers customizable, affordable pricing options suitable for Startups and small enterprises. Companies running on tight budgets can manage high quality training at truly cost-effective rates.

Streamlined Operations

BlueDolphin’s user-friendly interface allows you to create, administer and streamline training schedules for respective teams to save time, effort and company resources.

Scalable solution

BlueDolphin is designed with scalable features and functions to meet the changing needs of training management in near or far future.

Enhanced Employee Development

The training system is designed to empower employees with relevant skill sets, in an engaging manner. It is designed to boost productivity without making it feel like a burden.

Advantages for Enterprise Companies:

All-inclusive Training Administration

BlueDolphin offers a comprehensive solution for simple to complicated training programs. It helps to synergize different teams and departments through training solutions of diverse kinds.

Customizable Solutions

Equipped with new-age features, connectors that sync your IT infrastructure and corporate identity, BlueDolphin creates tailor-made solutions for all sized companies and enterprises.

Data-Driven Insights

BlueDolphin offers comprehensive Dashboards that deliver insights and information about the results of training in terms of RoI, productivity, and performance. This information about an individual, team or department helps higher management to make quick, data-driven, and logical decisions.

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Gloria Raglin
HR Manager
Darla Ryan
Ruby Albers
HR Coordinator
Streamlined corporate training

Integrating BlueDolphin with our website has smoothened our corporate training process. We have got excellent results in terms of team performance and strategic decisions.

Bridging Company Needs and Employee Skills

With BlueDolphin, we are able to narrow down the gap between company requirements and employee skills. Integrating it has helped the management to make realistic decisions for the future.

Simplifying Training for Enhanced Productivity

BlueDolphin has simplified our corporate learning and training process. Our teams are giving better results in terms of productivity. With an empowered team, we are able to make calculated, insightful & futuristic decisions.

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Stay updated with the latest developments, feature enhancements, and insightful articles about BlueDolphin.
What is BlueDolphin?

BlueDolphin is a WordPress plugin designed specifically as a Corporate Learning Management system. Useful for upcoming and existing WordPress websites, this plugin seamlessly integrates with the site to offer an easy-to-use platform for training individuals and teams.

How does BlueDolphin help determine which staff members need training?

BlueDolphin’s intuitive training need identification feature analyzes employees for their skills and allows them training relevant to their profile. It bridges the gap between the company’s goals and employee skills.

What is the function of BlueDolphin’s training evaluation?

The standout feature of BlueDolphin's training evaluation is its exceptional capability to interpret data. The dashboard provides detailed insights into the overall effectiveness and growth resulting from training programs, individuals, and teams' training performance. It also tracks their development using quantifiable metrics. This critical data empowers decision-makers to identify key areas for improvement and strategically plan for the company’s advancement.

How does the data analysis feature of BlueDolphin benefit organizations?

BlueDolphin’s data analysis feature utilizes a comprehensive dashboard to gather and process critical training data, offering insights into ROI, effectiveness, participation rates, and individual performance metrics. This allows organizations to visualize training outcomes and measure improvements in real time. By providing a clear view of these metrics, the dashboard aids decision-makers in evaluating the impact of training initiatives, and certifications, and fostering informed decisions for organizational growth and efficiency.

Is BlueDolphin suitable for small businesses?

Yes, the WordPress plugin offers affordable pricing options and scalable features for small organizations. It is an ideal plugin for Startups and small-scale organizations. It will boost their productivity and enhance their skill set.

Can BlueDolphin be customized for enterprise organizations?

Yes, the best part about BlueDolphin is its customization features. Whether you are a small company or a giant enterprise, this plugin can be integrated into your WordPress site for ease of training management. It offers scalability for future enhancements, be it for infrastructure, branding, IT compliance, or more.

Does BlueDolphin offer customer support?

Yes, it offers dedicated customer support for its users. The support team can be easily reached through emails, phone calls, and live chats during working hours.

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